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Podcastique #076 New Look Same Great Taste

Moved in, Test, Wolfenstein, Skylanders, York

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Dan Pugh Hogan

In this episode, we learn that neither Nick nor Andy can do math their head without looking upward. Also, the word “cumulatively” is not pronounceable. Nick does a great impression of a jet engine and of Aaron Neville… I was looking for the mole.

I’ve instilled a sense of self-consciousness in Nick about the face-touching with absolutely no affect on Andy. Nick rants about Comcast customer service and both guys geek out about TMNT.

The shade being thrown at GOTG is painful Nick. You cut me to the quick. “I AM GROOT!!!!”

F-Bomb Count: Total-32, Andy-6, Nick-26


Bad Wilf


bao nguyen

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